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Paula Smith, of Smith & Smith Funeral Services, continues the long family tradition of quality care.

Smith & Smith Funeral Services celebrates a long-standing tradition within the Daffodil Township and Smithville communities. Our funeral packages offer a sense of closure to loved ones by customizing the Life Celebration to reflect the unique qualities of the deceased.

Our traditions started when Belmond T. Smith built his first Pine Box and buried his beloved Alexandria in 1882. By the time his sons Drake and Edmund took over the business in 1890, Smith & Smith Funeral Services had become known for individualizing the funeral process to meet the wishes of the deceased and the needs of the bereaved.

All full-service plans include:

  • Preparation of the deceased for burial or cremation (including hair styling and cosmetics as needed)
  • Burial receptacle as needed: see “Merchandise”
  • Funeral service: Memorial Service and Graveside or Garden Service
  • Visitation Parlor: four hours
  • Post-service reception with catering: two hours ~ includes traditional funeral cookies
  • Memory Book